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Pipet Tips and Packaging
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Pipet Tip Packaging Options
Autoclavable Pipette RacksAutoclavable Racks - These racks are ideal for autoclaving. Small tips come 96 in a rack and large tips come 100 in a rack.
Rack Inserts - Pipette Tips PackagingRack Inserts - This configuration provides 10 inserts for the autoclavable racks, and includes two rack covers and two rack bases.
Stack Racks and Bulk Packs - Pipette Tip PackagingStack Racks - These racks are ideal for rapid pipeting and limited space.
Bulk Pack - All pipet tips are available in bulk configuration; 1000 per bag.
Universal Graduated Pipet Tip
Quality Laboratory PlasticsTwo sizes fit Pipetman, Eppendorf, MLA, Oxford, Titertek, Finnpipette, Socorex, and most multichannel pipettors.
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Fibrin Cups and Tips
Quality laboratory plasticsDesigned specifically for use with automated prothrombin time instrumentation such as the BBL Fibrometer.
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Selectapette Tips
Clay-Adams Selectapette Tips - Also ideal for Schwarz-Mann pipettorThe Clay-Adams Selectapette tip is available in bulk pack or tray pack. This tip is also ideal for the Schwarz-Mann pipettor.
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Pipette Tips for Zymark System These pipet tips and racks are specifically designed for use with the Zymark automated liquid handling system.
Pipette Tips for use with Beckman's Biomek 1000 and 2000 automated workstationsThese pipet tips are specifically designed for use with Beckman's Biomek 1000 and 2000 automated workstations.
Filtered Pipet Tips
Filtered pipette tips - Stcokwell Scientific - Quality Laboratory PlasticsThese pipet tips feature an inert hydrophobic filter to minimize cross contamination from the pipetor. The tips are presterilized as well as DNase-, RNase-, pyrogen-, and metal-free.
Siliconized Pipet Tips
Sliconized pipette tips - Quality Laboratory PlasticsMade of siliconized polypropylene for low surface adhesion. This is ideal for procedures that require complete sample transfer. We also have siliconized microcentrifuge tubes.