Online Catalog of Laboratory Plastics
Test Tubes, Pipets (Pipettes), Pipet Tips (Pipette Tips), Culture Tubes, BIOMEK and Zymark - Laboratory Plastics of every description
4.5 Ounce Cups
4 1/2 Ounce Plastic Cups - Quality Laboratory Plastics from Stockwell Scientific - Scottsdale, ArizonaPrecision molded polypropylene body with a high-density polyethylene screw cap.
Histology Cassettes
Histology Cassettes - Quality Laboratory Plastics - Stockwell Scientific - Scottsdale, AZDesigned with all the features you want, at competitive prices.
CRYO-LOK™ Cryogenic Vials
CRYO-LOK Vials for storage or transport of materials at extremely low temperaturesCRYO-LOK™ vials are ideal for storage or transport of material at extremely low temperatures. The vials have external threads, providing a smooth and uniform inner surface. This eliminates the problem of airborne contamination and/or sample loss so common when vials with internal threads are used. The screwcap incorporates a molded-in sealing ring which assures a tight leakproof seal.
Scintillation Vials
Plastic Vials for all major liquid scintillation systems - Stockwell Scientific - Scottsdale, AZPeti-Vials are made from a special grade of polypropylene which produces a product of optimum clarity. Unique design offers users a leakproof fit with only one-half turn of a cap.


Plastic Vials for liquid scintillation counting, beta-gamma counting, and sample storageMulti-Vials are an excellent multipurpose container. They are primarily used for liquid scintillation counting, beta-gamma counting, and sample storage. Made from a new type of polypropylene which assures superior visibility. White polystyrene caps are perfect for convenient, easy marking.

96 Well Micro-plates and Lids
Micro-Plates and Lids - Quality Laboratory Plastics - Stockwell ScientificMade from clear polystyrene, these 96 well plates do a superb job.
Disposable Plastic Weighing Dishes
Disposabel Plastic Weighing Dishes - Stockwell Scientific - Scottsdale, ArizonaDesigned for convenience, these polystyrene dishes assure the user of high uniformity, stability, and dependability.
Cuvettes - Quality Laboratory Plastics from Stockwell Scientific - Scottsdale, AZOur Macro and Semi-Micro cuvettes are specially packages to reach you scratch-free.