SAI's adsorbents for chromatography are manufactured to exact physical-chemical specifications to ensure reproducibility of the chromatographic process.

Continuous quality control ensures the availability of a standardized product that will provide reproducible results... day to day, lab to lab, process to process, worldwide. SAI's sorbents originate from the same starting material. Thus, the analyst can freely use small particles for HPLC, HPTLC, and larger particles for Prep LC and Process. This allows one to utilize similar separation conditions to achieve the desired results and freely move from one technique to another.

Standardized alumina has become synonymous with Scientific Adsorbents, Inc. Never before has an adsorbent been more precisely standardized and allowed such a high degree of reproducibility when used in laboratory and plant operations.

This leadership lended its impulses to all other Scientific Adsorbents' products such as silica gels and products for Thin Layer Chromatography, Liquid Chromatography and the preparative link between TLC and Column Chromatography, Dry Column Chromatography (DCC).

Controlled Physical
Reproducible Chromatographic Performance
Particle Size Resolution
Particle Shape Reproducibility
Surface Area Selectivity
Surface Chemistry Capacity
Analytical to Prep
Highly Recovery
Economy of Scale
Particle Size Conversion Table
400 37
230 63
230 - 400 37 - 63
150 - 230 63 - 100
70 - 230 63 - 200
70 - 150 100 - 200
30 - 70 200 - 500

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